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Our Favorite Pieces of Internet: Mike Trapp’s Choice

We asked our staff to share their current favorite thing on the Internet. Whether old or new, video or picture, we have strong feelings about these weird pieces of Internet Garbage.

I really love mashups. To me, a good mashup feels like a really good joke: two disparate things juxtaposed in a such a way that they somehow make perfect sense together. It’s surprising and satisfying. So when I need my fix of unusual mashups I go to the subreddit r/comeonandslam.

What is r/comeonandslam? It’s just page after page of songs mashed up with The Space Jam Theme Song by Quad City DJs. Take a listen.

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This is where fashionablefatties picks up most of their clothes, and they won’t link to a site where they haven’t personally tried it out or know that it’s quality from a reputable source. Once they do a store review, they will put up a link to the review next to the store link. Sizes are stated in US by default unless otherwise stated.

Need this on my blog for reference, and sharing with you darlings! Go forth and fatshion!

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